What is Sarajevo Unlimited?

Sarajevo Unlimited is the first regional forum of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, created as a result of the activities of the first year of operation of the entrepreneurial, innovation and educational center Networks in Sarajevo. Our knowledge from the field, through activities and communication with innovators, students, high school students, corporations, entrepreneurs, institutions, small and medium enterprises, creative industries, founders of start-ups and creators of the values of today's economy, proves that despite the dominant negative narrative in the country, Bosnia and Herzegovina is abundant with success stories, innovations in our backyards, school desks as well as creative productive people, but still insufficiently visible to the public.

In an interest to build a platform that will show and glorify these stories, individuals and people eager to create, but also to connect them with investors, the market and / or relevant institutions, Sarajevo Unlimited was created.

One of the guiding ideas of the platform is that future generations stay in their country and create on their own ground, not only to be passive users of technology and observers of the digitalization process, but also active builders of entrepreneurial spirit and new stronger fabric of our economy.

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Through previous years we have gathered:

10,156 participants

220 start-ups that presented brilliant ideas to investors and audiences in the region and the world

252 speakers who shared their inspiring and positive experiences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship

14 keynote speakers from Google, Deutsche Telecom, BBC, Alibaba, Viber and Huawei.

480 foreign delegations, representatives and state institutions, governments, ministries in charge of development, technology, economy, science and innovation, research and scientific institutions, representatives of universities, corporations, banks, insurance companies, technology parks and creative hubs.

B2Match Virtual Networking Event



Meet our speakers:

In addition to keynote speakers at the sixth Forum of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sarajevo Unlimited 2021, you will have the opportunity to listen to panel discussions who are related to innovations as a factor of competitiveness, innovation in the economy, business, tourism, education, e-mobility and smart transport. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet young innovators from BiH, as well as to attend the "Play the Game with BH Telecom" gaming competition.




Digital fabrication / manufacturing technologies - are a new threshold for industry, and apparently for human civilization as a whole. Listen to what our speakers have to say on the subject.


Play the Game with BH Telecom


This year's Sarajevo Unlimited presents the League of Legends Gaming Tournament in cooperation with BH Telecom and ACKE Studio. It is up to you to choose whether to show your skills at Summoner's Rift or support teams as a viewer during the LIVE Stream.


Tech Talk: Talent Pulse


Virgin Pulse is celebrating talent


Feel free to contact us

If you have any questions related to this year's theme of Adaptability in the New Age or a proposal for cooperation, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to contact you.