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Peta White will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "100 Jobs of the Future"

Senior Lecturer at Deakin University

Russell Tytler will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "100 Jobs of the Future"

Professor and Chair in Science Education at Deakin University

Ruth Bridgstock will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "100 Jobs of the Future"

Internationally Recognised Researcher in Graduate Employability

Jason Chung will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "Esports"

Professor of the Department of Esports, University of New Haven, Connecticut USA

Marc Huemmer will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "Digital Innovation HUB by GIZ"

Policy Advisor at the Make-IT in Africa programme at GIZ


Govornici ovogodišnjeg Foruma inovacija, tehnologija i poduzetništva-Sarajevo Unlimited 2020. će se fokusirati na temu Adaptabilnost u Novom dobu. Koliko smo spremni za adaptaciju u dobu kada se svijet mijenja iz minute u minute, a nove tehnologije i inovacije su vodeći faktor u tome.


Professor of the Department of Esports, University of New Haven, Connecticut USA

Jason Chung is an assistant professor of sport management and executive director of esports. He spearheads the University’s academic program in esports and gaming and liaises with partners in the industry.

Professor Chung's interdisciplinary approach to understanding the history, growth, and future of esports stems from his diverse international background in law, business, and public policy in both the public and private sectors.

An attorney by training, he previously was a visiting clinical assistant professor of sport management at New York University, where he created and launched courses studying esports and served as a senior researcher for the NYU Sports and Society program, studying the intersection of sports, health and technology. He also was an attorney in the financial sector in Hong Kong and a public servant in various policy, programs, and investigations roles for the Government of Canada.

He regularly writes on issues at the intersection of sport, technology, and health, including esports governance, data privacy, AI regulation, and youth health and safety issues. His research and commentary have been featured or cited in a wide range of academic and media publications, including the Journal of Public Health Policy, Asia-Pacific Journal of Health Law and Ethics, Journal of the Legal Aspects of Sport, NPR, Wired, Boston Globe, CBC News, Minnesota Star-Tribune and Newark Star-Ledger.

Prof. Chung has also been an expert presenter on data privacy for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as well as the Law & Technology editor for The Health Care Blog.

In his spare time, he enjoys being fodder for much better players in video games such as Apex Legends and CS:GO and beating the computer on easy in sports titles such as NBA 2K. He is living proof that enjoying video games and having played them regularly since childhood does not equal being proficient at them.


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In addition to keynote speakers at the sixth Forum of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sarajevo Unlimited 2021, you will have the opportunity to listen to panel discussions who are related to innovations as a factor of competitiveness, innovation in the economy, business, tourism, education, e-mobility and smart transport. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet young innovators from BiH, as well as to attend the "Play the Game with BH Telecom" gaming competition.




Digital fabrication / manufacturing technologies - are a new threshold for industry, and apparently for human civilization as a whole. Listen to what our speakers have to say on the subject.


Play the Game with BH Telecom


This year's Sarajevo Unlimited presents the League of Legends Gaming Tournament in cooperation with BH Telecom and ACKE Studio. It is up to you to choose whether to show your skills at Summoner's Rift or support teams as a viewer during the LIVE Stream.


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Virgin Pulse is celebrating talent


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