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Peta White will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "100 Jobs of the Future"

Senior Lecturer at Deakin University

Russell Tytler will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "100 Jobs of the Future"

Professor and Chair in Science Education at Deakin University

Ruth Bridgstock will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "100 Jobs of the Future"

Internationally Recognised Researcher in Graduate Employability

Jason Chung will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "Esports"

Professor of the Department of Esports, University of New Haven, Connecticut USA

Marc Huemmer will speak at Sarajevo Unlimited on the topic: "Digital Innovation HUB by GIZ"

Policy Advisor at the Make-IT in Africa programme at GIZ


Govornici ovogodišnjeg Foruma inovacija, tehnologija i poduzetništva-Sarajevo Unlimited 2020. će se fokusirati na temu Adaptabilnost u Novom dobu. Koliko smo spremni za adaptaciju u dobu kada se svijet mijenja iz minute u minute, a nove tehnologije i inovacije su vodeći faktor u tome.


International Relations Officer at Metropolitan Tirana University

Ms. Esmeralda Doku has shaped her professional and cultural background by being educated and working in two countries – Greece and Albania. Ms. Doku has graduated from New York University in Tirana where she pursued a dual degree in collaboration with University of Greenwich, Bachelor of Arts in Law with first class honors and Master of Science second level integrated program in the major of Law. She has further continued her legal education through internships and formal studies at the Advocacy School and the Prosecutions Office of Tirana. Being always led by her principles for justice, peace, fairness and equality, she has continuously demonstrated an active contribution in the fields of education, social and volunteering initiatives and good health and wellbeing. Ms. Doku has various experiences in the labor market in different sectors including pharmacy, law, hotelery, university, charity clubs and events / projects. Currently, she holds the position of the International Relations Officer at Metropolitan Tirana University. During her work in Metropolitan Tirana University, she has had various roles which has grown her competencies and positioned her in the field of education. She has worked at the Office of Students’ Affairs; she works with students under Erasmus+ KA1 Programme; she has implemented directly three national/international projects in the topics of innovation and science, digital tourism offers and mental health. All these experiences have helped her further develop the skills of communication, digitalization, research, organization and relationships’ management. Apart from her professional and formal background Ms. Doku is an activist in social causes by guiding the Students Charity Club and contributing at the same time to the artistic field of literature by creating poetry.


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In addition to keynote speakers at the sixth Forum of Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Sarajevo Unlimited 2021, you will have the opportunity to listen to panel discussions who are related to innovations as a factor of competitiveness, innovation in the economy, business, tourism, education, e-mobility and smart transport. Also, you will have the opportunity to meet young innovators from BiH, as well as to attend the "Play the Game with BH Telecom" gaming competition.




Digital fabrication / manufacturing technologies - are a new threshold for industry, and apparently for human civilization as a whole. Listen to what our speakers have to say on the subject.


Play the Game with BH Telecom


This year's Sarajevo Unlimited presents the League of Legends Gaming Tournament in cooperation with BH Telecom and ACKE Studio. It is up to you to choose whether to show your skills at Summoner's Rift or support teams as a viewer during the LIVE Stream.


Tech Talk: Talent Pulse


Virgin Pulse is celebrating talent


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